Bike rentals

Bike rentals


Classic bike

This polyvalent bike is ideal for short or long term rentals.

MTB / Fatbike

For sports lovers, this mountain bike allows you to ride around the marsh and venture a little further into the wooded paths of Villers-sur-Mer.

Cruiser bike

The Beach Cruiser is very coveted for its great comfort.
Thanks to the position adopted on the bike and the soft saddle, this bike is ideal for touring around the marsh.

Touring bike

The touring bike tour is designed for trips of several days.
It will suit perfectly the adventurer who wants to cross Normandy by bike.

Kid bike

We have all sizes of bikes for children from 3 years old.


The trailer is the indispensable accessory for transporting small children.

Electric bikes

Electric bike 35 kms

Ideal for short trips and the discovery of the electric bike.

Electric bike 70 kms

With its higher performance technology this bike allows you to venture further on the hilly roads of the Pays d’Auge.

Electric mountain bike

Nothing can stop you now! With this bike you will go wherever you want!


Family rosalie

2 to 6 places rosalie

Electric rosalie

Child seat for rosalie

We have adapted seats for children from 3 months!

Adolescent and adult gears

Pedal go-kart

No need to introduce it anymore: the pedal go-kart is available in all sizes for all ages!


Experience a unique way of driving by moving your body as a whole. This movement makes you feel like you’re riding a motorcycle. The faster you go, the more fun it is.

Chopper mono

With this pedal go-kart, you’ll look like a real biker! It has a special feature: three wheels, like a real chopper.
But don’t worry, the wide and solid tires always ensure perfect handling.

Chopper duo

Go for a side car ride with your child or your friend!
Ideal for taking young children for a walk without getting tired.

Children’s gears

Electric go-kart

Let’s go for an effortless ride at a cruising speed of 6km/h.
The electric go-karts are a delight for children who don’t yet have the strength to pedal!


This pedal go-kart is an ideal way for young children to learn how to pedal.
First, with their feet on the ground, and in no time at all, their feet are on the pedals and here they go!


With the motorcycle handlebars, the child is the king of the road. The Choppy has only one front wheel, just like a motorcycle. This makes the pedal go-kart enormously manoeuvrable.
It is impossible to stop playing!


This authentic pedal go-kart has a great look and its driving is fantastic.
As it is very manoeuvrable and fast, this nice little go-kart is super cool for little adventurers.

Special gears


Unique in Normandy, the conference bike, known as Cobi, can carry up to 7 people!
The driver sits facing the steering wheel, the passengers sit around it.
And everyone pedals!

Elliptical bike

You know it static indoors, come and test it mobile in the wilderness.


The traditional bicycle for two!


A tandem, not 2, but 3!

Duo Coaster

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